Computer Tutoring

Do you need some computer tutoring? 

If you just need assistance to copy music, check emails, learn a new software, we can help. 

Whether you require tutoring in person or groups:

Small Business  • Local Councils  •  Libraries  •  Community Centres •  Schools

•  Retirement Villages •  Nursing Homes  •  Senior Citizen Groups


Lifestyle & Special Interest Training

  • Video Calls (Skype)
  • Digital Photos (transfer to computer, enhance, print, email)
  • eBay (buying and selling)
  • Shopping online (research, compare prices, book/purchase)
  • Advanced email and Internet
  • Advanced iPad
  • Files and Folders (organise your Electronic Filing Cabinet)
  • Printers/Scanners (install, copy, scan)
  • Word Processing (Basic/Advanced)
  • Spread sheets (financials and formulas)
  • Music (download, listen, play and catalogue)
  • Banking online (transfer funds, pay bills, manage accounts)
  • Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)
  • Smart Phones (SMS, emails, internet)



    Windows/Apple Mac

  • Introduction to your Computer
  • Understand and Personalise the Screen
  • Email Basics
  • Internet Basics

    iPad Basics

  • Introduce features, Personalise your iPad and Internet Basics
  • Set up Email, Email
    basics and contacts



We can design a training session to suite your needs.  If you are interested in learning something that isn’t listed above, please contact us for a quote.  Our rates are very competitive.